Topographic Surveys
Specialists in Topographic and Land Surveys.

Whatever the Project You are Considering, Accuracy in Planning is the Key. 

A thorough topographic survey will lessen the possibility of you making costly mistakes at a later stage, as you will be less likely to come across unforeseen problems. You'll want to work with an experienced land surveyor in whom you can have complete confidence to deliver to the very highest standards in topographic surveys.

Based on the experience gained throughout the world, our surveyors are adept at mobilising to remote and inhospitable locations to undertake projects large and small.

Data is part processed on site to confirm that accuracy criteria are being met, then transmitted to our offices for final processing. On larger projects plotting facilities are provided on site to facilitate pre-delivery checks and the timely delivery of data to the client’s project team.

Topographic Surveys

Services available:

Topographic Survey Plan

Latest methods save time and money:

  • Robotic/reflex total stations and real time GPS
  • Solo, only one Land Surveyor travels to site
  • Data processed inside AutoCAD to guarantee 100% compatible file format
  • Safe working possible without traffic management or rail possessions 

…all in a fraction of the time taken in the past. 

Large area coverage by LiDAR

LIDAR is a method of terrain mapping, which uses a laser to measure the distance between the sensor, normally airborne, and the ground surface. The resulting highly accurate terrain map is suitable for assessing flood risk, engineering projects and land and property development. LiDAR is also suitable for 3D visualisation and modelling.

Topographic Survey LiDAR - Laser Topographic Survey

Why Choose Us? 

 Extensive experience in topographic surveys

 Timely delivery of data to project team

 Hand picked team to meet you exact needs

Latest technology used to save time & cost

  Large and small projects world wide 

  Wide range of surveys including LiDAR, River & Aerial Surveys


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