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Deformation Monitoring

Whether it’s bridges, roads, buildings, railways, mines, coastal erosion or any environment which requires monitoring, Ogilvie Geomatics have the equipment and professionals to successfully oversee your project.

Deformation monitoring is the systematic measurement and tracking of the shape and dimensions of an object. Causes of deformation include: changes in structure of sub-surface materials; changes in material properties; settlement of buildings or outside influences such as major works taking place in the vicinity. 

Deformation Monitoring

Deformation Monitoring Info


Ogilvie Geomatics utilise the latest instruments and techniques when undertaking manual deformation surveys to the highest order of accuracy which include:

  • Trimble S8 1” reflectorless total stations for precise 3D Deformation monitoring to millimetre accuracy
  • Digital levels for the measurement of movement in the vertical plane to millimetre accuracy
  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers
  • 3D laser scanning or high definition surveys – allowing us to detect deformation across a whole structure 


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