Laser Scanning Services
Rapid 3D Scan Surveys

Rapid 3D scanning can lower survey cost and increase the survey content captured

Rapid 3D Laser Scanning accurately measures and captures a "point cloud" of 3D co-ordinates which may be used to form a full digital model or as a record for analysis at a later date.

“Measures THOUSANDS of points per sec, that's Rapid!”

Laser scanning technology is fast, measuring THOUSANDS of points per sec to an accuracy of 4mm.

Our clients are able to instantly access rapid 3D laser scanning measurement data and digital imagery over the internet as if they were on location. That's not all, with the use of free plug in software the user is able to record accurate measurements, significantly reducing the project life cycle.

Benefits of using point cloud data

How do I benefit from lower survey cost and increased content?
Simple, import the point cloud data file
Can I import point cloud data into Autodesk software?
Yes, AutoCAD 2011, supports point cloud data and AutoCAD MAP3D added new point cloud tools
Can I import point cloud data into Bentley Microstation software?
Yes, Bentley incorporate Pointools' Vortex Engine in the Bentley Technology Platform to enable reuse of 3D laser scanned data.
Can point cloud data save time creating the BIM (Building Information Model) within Revit?
Yes, Integrating scans with Revit directly allows visual and dimensional verification of the BIM model. There are new tools and workflows to get BIM from scan data fast within Autodesk Revit.

Make no mistake, scan-to-BIM is real, it's here and you can start immediately. The organizations that have their scanning and BIM act together will gain the greatest benefits.
Can I view and record measurements from point cloud data without CAD software?
Yes, with the use of free Trueview plug in software the user is able to view and record accurate measurements as if you were on location.

FREE Truview - Plug-in

Free, Easy Viewing & Measuring of Point Clouds

Simple to use over the Web or via local files, TruView software is for everyday professionals who want to easily view and measure rich, laser scan point clouds without having to be an expert in laser scanning, CAD, or 3D.



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