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New Year - New Survey Equipment

Posted on by OgilvieGeomatics

Utility Surveying:
* RD8000 advanced pipe and cable detectors - the latest technology for cable detection.
* Dual Frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) allowing us to locate more and survey underground services more accurately.

Total Stations:
* 2 Trimble S8 1" Total Stations for precise monitoring, control installation and rail surveying.
* 1 Trimble S6 2"
* 1 Trimble S6 Vision - allowing us to photograph point locations and created panoramic images at set-up locations enabling point detection and elevation drawing using photogrammetry techniques.

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS):
* 1 Trimble R10 Receiver - the latest in GNSS technology - offering accurate solutions in a range of diverse locations.
* 1 Trimble R8 Receiver - adding to our extensive range of GNSS solutions.

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