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Longdin & Browning secure 4 new coastal monitoring contracts

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In addition Teignbridge District Council, in liaison with the Plymouth Coastal Observatory, have awarded two contracts on the south Devon and Cornwall coastlines.

The surveys are carried out during the lowest spring and autumn tides each year using the Global Positioning System. Leica Dual frequency receivers in Real Time Kinematic mode are used to capture the data.

All four contracts are scheduled to run for five years.

As part of the Government’s strategy for managing flooding and coastal erosion, ‘Shoreline Management Plans’ have been developed to reduce the risks to people, property and the historic and natural environment.

Operating authorities are required to undertake topographic beach surveys to comply with DEFRA’s high level targets. These are in relation to the creation and maintenance of the National Flood and Coastal Defense Database with particular emphasis on flood and coastal erosion risks.

Longdin and Browning’s relationship with Canterbury City Council goes back to 2003 when they were awarded two contracts for long term beach monitoring on the Kent and Sussex coastlines.

This work included a one-off, high intensity baseline survey. Biannual profile line surveys were then carried out and there was provision within the contracts to undertake additional post storm surveys.

“We are really pleased to hear this news,” said Longdin and Browning’s Commercial Director Tom Cox. “Canterbury City council’s decision to award us further contracts demonstrates their faith in our ability to undertake the job competently and we look forward to working with our new client, Teignbridge District Council.”

More information can be found on the Channel Coastal Observatory


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