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We attended an interesting event hosted by the Mike Rhodes of the MK50 Club on 13th October 2014.   The event covered aspirations for the construction industry as set out by the government by 2025.

Working together, industry and Government have developed a clear and defined set of aspirations for UK construction.

Some key targets included:

33% lower costs
50% lower emissions
50% Faster delivery
50% improved exports

Can we deliver this??  I think we the majority agreed that with collaboration and clear leadership its possible but attitudes need to change.

Mike Rhodes also highlighted some interesting videos with which gave an insight to where the industry is going.

One of them was Google glasses integration for construction and can be viewed at:

The other was 3D concrete printing:

In all cases - there will still be a need for accurate geospatial information that in my opinion will be provided by Geomatics Professionals.


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